Successful Aging

Successful Aging

Join Robyn Littlewood, personal trainer and anti-aging specialist for the upcoming video series “Successful Aging”.. This series will show first hand how the 50+ person can use new science, new technology and many other techniques to retard and even reverse the aging process. Join us for techniques and exercises for pain free living including interventions for tendonitis, arthritis and sciatic nerve pain. Watch your host Robyn Littlewood explore non-surgical interventions for sagging skin and wrinkles and ways to have beautiful skin and hair into your senior years.

Robyn Littlewood – video series “Successful Aging

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Follow Robyn’s progress as she demonstrates with her own personal trainer Geoff Etherson from Los Angeles how to lose fat and gain muscle mass. Meet many new health professionals as Robyn personally works with stem cells, platelet rich plasma, CBGs (Cannabinoids), SARMS, acupuncture, laser, healthy eating and even breathing techniques for the aging body and brain. This will be an exciting series that uses affordable anti-aging technology to feel better, look better, think better and be better! Join us in our journey backwards in time as it starts April 2020.